The SensePerience steam cabin

New highlights for special sensory experiences

HOESCH is a renowned manufacturer of bathroom products and has a long history of steam cabin production. It launched its first steam cabin in 1980, and has been continually setting new standards on the steam cabin market ever since. The exclusive combination of shower and steam cabin has become a symbol for wellness and relaxation in household bathrooms.

The latest generation of the SensePerience series of steam cabins was introduced in 2013 following in the HOESCH tradition, though with a contemporary twist. Its elegant design, ease of use and widely variable options create a relaxing and sensory wellness experience in your own bathroom, which can be savoured on your own or by two.

The impressive new features of the SensePerience can be seen, felt and experienced straight away. The functional column is now included in a refined glass design. A large display is flush-mounted in the glass and enables all the functions to be controlled easily, comfortably and precisely – from the sound system with its radio and Bluetooth connectivity for your smartphone, to the colour-changing lighting and multitude of water applications.

The two showers bring the possibility of even more relaxation. The new hand shower is individually height-adjustable, while the rain shower offers two completely new features: a cascade jet that recreates the sensation of standing under a waterfall, and another jet to help you cool off after your steam bath.

SensePerience steam cabins also offer as many various installation options as relaxation experiences. The elegant cabins are available in sizes from 1000x1000mm to 1800x1000mm, with seating for either one or two people and in back-to-wall, recess, right-hand or left-hand corner versions.

This creates ideal conditions for escaping the stress of everyday life in a pleasant 38°C to 50°C steam bath – and guarantees relaxation for both body and soul with new features offering incredible sensory experiences even when you are at home.

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