The LaSenia free-standing bathtub

The new Solique showpiece in a minimalist soft-edge design

For five years now, innovative, exclusive bathtub manufacturer Hoesch has been using Solique mineral cast – a special, extremely hard, stable and durable material – to make an increasing number of new products. Trendsetting developments such as the ultra-slim 30 mm MUNA shower tray, or the NAMUR free-standing oval bathtub, have already proven how effectively Solique can be used to achieve outstanding quality, functionality and design – which have been confirmed by accolades such as the German Design Award.

Now, Hoesch is expanding its range of free-standing Solique bathtubs with the LaSenia model. This bathtub combines rounded edges with angular lines, creating a simple, yet exclusive soft-edge design that is truly delightful. It also coordinates perfectly with a large number of other Hoesch products, for a stunning look in any bathroom. Like the oval NAMUR tub, the rectangular LaSenia bath, made from Solique, boasts outstanding material properties.

The material allows for extremely slim edges and astonishingly generous interior dimensions, as well as a remarkably smooth, glossy Gelcoat surface that is easy to clean and maintain. Solique also has insulating properties, ensuring that the water in your new LaSenia bathtub will remain pleasantly warm for longer. An optional backrest, which can be adjusted to allow you to lie in the perfect position, offers even more relaxation and comfort. LaSenia bathtubs can also be coated with an optional non-slip surface.

The free-standing tub is available in a matte or glossy finish and appears eye-catchingly delicate despite its impressive size of 1800 x 800 mm. LaSenia is sure to become a new, exclusive showpiece in any sophisticated bathroom, thanks to its appealing rounded and angular elements, and the material properties of the Solique from which it is made.

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