A “smart assistant” for your bath

Convenient bath accessories for added comfort

Modern-day wellness is no longer just about a healthy lifestyle enhanced by passive treatments, but also involves seemingly insignificant details that still make a valuable contribution to your physical and mental wellbeing. Of course, bathroom specialist Hoesch prides itself on never neglecting these details.


Hoesch offers an attractive range of bathroom accessories, which includes something for every wellness fan wanting to add a high-quality finishing touch to the bathroom. Beautiful and smart.


Many of our Hoesch bathtubs and shower cabins can be equipped with additional advanced features. From neck cushions, and armrests or backrests in skin-friendly gel material (included as standard in some ranges, e.g. Aviva or Zero; optional for the Ergo+, Namur and LaSenia ranges), to water-resistant, real wood shelf inserts (available as an optional extra with the SenseSation steam cabin), to a full range of accessories, our ready-made products offer that extra touch of comfort.


The Hoesch range of universal accessories has been designed with clear, minimalist shapes that blend in perfectly with any bathroom style. The non-slip step ensures bathtime begins safely. From the moment your head is resting on the soft neck cushion, you will soon forget all about the stresses of the outside world. And for those who like to enhance their bathtime enjoyment with a cocktail or a book, the matching bathtub tray, complete with mirror, has ample room. Later, an integrated bathtub grip helps you step out of the tub. You can also make sure care products and other bathroom items are always within reach, by placing them on a wide shelf, a sturdy stool or a valet stand from our range.


The contemporary aesthetic of our accessories is as striking as their surprising functionality. The high-quality blend of black PU and waterproof teak will add a design highlight to any bathroom.


Hoesch will help you adapt your bathroom to suit your own personal requirements. Once the finishing touches are added, in terms of our design-oriented accessories, your bathroom will be transformed into an emotional experience area that leaves none of your wellness needs untended. After all, even the little things in life can bring us joy. Think carefully about how to arrange your bathroom and experience for yourself how the smallest of details pamper your body, calm your spirit, delight your eyes and seduce your senses.

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